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Equipment Protection That Goes the Extra Mile

Learn how to protect equipment performance and component lifetime.

Lubricants Designed to Deliver Performance Under Pressure

From the factory floor to frenetic freeways, automotive components are exposed to a lot of pressures throughout their lifetime. Which is why, from start to finish, adequate component protection is vital.

This means extending the lifespan of parts that sit in critical areas of the finished automotive, as well as protecting the equipment operating on your production line.

Protecting Component Lifetime

The automotive components that make up the vehicles you produce demand protection in order to perform.

They demand protection from the high-pressure and high-temperature operating environments that they are consistently exposed to, ensuring the vehicle in question can perform effectively and efficiently at the peak of its potential.

Solutions in this field are similarly varied, with a range of options available that help translate component protection into vehicle performance and efficiency, such as:

  • Innovative initial-fill lubricants for automotive drivelines, chassis, interiors and bodies
  • Greases to protect bearings from extreme temperatures, heavy loads and contaminated conditions
  • Thermal fluids to help cool vital components such as the battery in an electric vehicle

Protecting Equipment Performance

Efficiency. Productivity. Uptime. All vital markers of success in the automotive manufacturing field, but none are possible without the correct equipment protection. And driving this protection are your fluids, oils and greases:

  • Hydraulic fluids that can improve hydraulic system efficiency through the latest synthetic, ashless technology
  • Compressor oils that deliver optimum value to your operation with enhanced wear protection and long oil life
  • High-quality greases that offer reliable performance for both standard and specialist applications, including robotics

*Performance data is derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods

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