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3 Ways E-Fluids Are Helping Auto Manufacturers

Discover the ways E-Fluids helping auto manufacturers.

With the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs), the automotive industry is going through one of the most profound shifts in its history.

See how the development of E-Fluid technologies are helping OEMs keep up to speed.

1. Testing to Ensure Effective Engineering

Because the e-mobility industry is still developing, there is far less uniformity across hybrid and EV powertrains; electric motor design is unique to each OEM, which makes engineering E-fluids challenging.

Working alongside OEMs, Shell Lubricant Solutions has engineered fluids that meet a range of requirements, suitable for both the newer, wet e-motors and earlier dry e-motor models.

We’ve done this by employing screening methods, such as:

  • Copper wire corrosion testing
  • High-speed foaming testing
  • State-of-the-art technology for high-speed driveline test rigs

2. Addressing EV-Specific Pain Points

For wet e-motors, fluid needs to do two essential jobs at once: lubricate the gearbox and cool the electric motor. And copper compatibility is the all-important factor here.

These motors need a fluid that works quickly enough for proper gear protection, which requires additives to facilitate that process. But those same additives can corrode copper, a potentially serious problem in e-motor windings - especially when fluid is filled for life.

Therefore, fluids need the proper chemistry to balance these needs. So, Shell Lubricant Solutions has engineered e-fluids that provide:

  • Friction protection for gearboxes
  • Thermal protection for motors
  • Superior copper compatibility
  • Enhanced electrical characteristics

3. Plotting a Path for Future Product Generations

As OEMs design more compact motors, there are higher rotational speeds to contend with. This means that more EVs will need transmissions to manage higher RPMs.

But the high-stress environment of these transmissions can expose them to air and cause fluids to foam, meaning they lose their ability to protect component surfaces.

This is another area where new-generation E-fluids from Shell Lubricant Solutions stand up to technical requirements. And as we look to the future of e-mobility, Shell will work with OEMs on new cooling technologies for EV batteries that will better enable the fast charging technologies of tomorrow.


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