The benefits of liquid immersion cooling

Cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, social media… data is all pervasive and is increasingly important in how we live our lives. To support this exponential data growth, data centre infrastructure is growing at >40% a year! Keeping these servers cool is cost intensive, uses enormous amounts of energy and generates a huge carbon footprint.

Full immersion in a thermally conductive, electrically non-conducting (dielectric) coolant is a highly efficient way to keep computer components cool. It can help to massively cut energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions while reducing costs and increasing location flexibility.

Compared with air or water cooling, single-phase, liquid immersion cooling offers a lower total cost of ownership through its superior:

  • heat capacity
  • heat recovery (through a heat exchanger) for use elsewhere
  • hardware integration (less space)
  • hardware reliability
  • performance.

Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid

Our synthetic, single-phase immersion cooling fluid is made from gas using Shell’s GTL technology and can be used in natural convection and pump/forced systems, it is designed to:

  • reduce energy costs and emissions through its high cooling efficiency, flow behaviour and excellent thermodynamic properties
  • cost less to manufacture than fluorocarbon and incisively engineered fluids
  • improve product safety through its high compatibility with computer components
  • be safe and easy to handle.

With our joint development partner Asperitas, a clean and high-tech company, we are using our GTL technology to optimise the immersion fluids used for their cutting-edge immersion cooling solutions that are helping data centres worldwide to become more energy efficient.

To find out more about Asperitas, visit their website.


Safe and pure

  • Synthetic and meets purity requirements of the EU and US pharmacopoeias
  • Extremely low volatility (less fuming, mist and vapours)
  • Non-halogenated, food-grade 
  • Free from allergens


  • Non-evaporating
  • Excellent thermodynamic properties 
  • Low density
  • High flash point

Protection and reliability

  • High compositional consistency 
  • Very high oxidation and thermal stabilities 
  • Virtually no sulphur, nitrogen or aromatics 
  • Noncorrosive 



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Shell and Asperitas work in partnership to promote immersion cooling and develop cooling fluids. The technology enables the deployment of sustainable, high-density data centres wherever they are needed, regardless of climate.

Shell & Asperitas integrated immersion cooling solution brochure

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We are proud to announce that Shell and Asperitas are featured in the latest World Economic Forum Report on Transformational Energy Innovations (page 13 & 14).

This new report from the World Economic Forum showcases selected global energy innovations from the past decade which are judged to be novel, beneficial to society, and contributing to accelerating the global energy transition.

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