Packshot of Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter


Fully synthetic 4-stroke scooter oil with RCE Technology.

Designed to provide Shell's ultimate protection and performance for modern 4-stroke scooters.

The latest generation of scooter engines require the highest standards of protection and performance, whatever their engine size. Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter provides Shell’s ultimate protection and performance for all kinds of modern scooters. Specially designed for automatic transmissions, it gives you greater control through easy acceleration, and a more enjoyable ride thanks to reduced noise and vibration. Its fully synthetic premium technology helps to prolong your engine’s life.

Key features Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter:

  • Fully synthetic technology – designed to offer Shell’s ultimate protection and oil-performance reliability.
  • Excellent shear stability – to dampen vibration and reduce noise.
  • Friction modifiers – designed for easy acceleration in an automatic transmission.
  • Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter – offers Shell's ultimate lubrication performance for all scooters.
  • Shell Advance's RCE* Technology – helps your scooter perform to its peak potential, and respond to your slightest touch.
  • Shell's ultimate protection against valve train wear.
  • Removal of sludge and engine deposits.


*RCE = Reliability of oil-performance, Control, Enjoyable ride.

Available viscosity grade: SAE J 300 5W-40. Formulation meets: API SM, JASO MB

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